Grapevine canopy

University of Minnesota grape cultivars

The development of high-quality, cold-hardy, and disease-resistant wine grape cultivars in the 21st century has been a fruitful one. Recent releases include 7 cultivars bred specifically for use in the wine industry: La Crescent (2002), Frontenac Gris (2003), Marquette (2006), Frontenac Blanc (2012), Itasca (2015), and Clarion (2022). Frontenac blanc, a color mutation of Frontenac which was discovered by growers, has also been widely planted in recent years. General information on these cultivars and others developed at UMN can be found here

Growing recommendations for these UMN cultivars are available via fact sheets developed by our breeding and Extension teams.

Ask for Clarion!

By Kate Fessler, Drew Horton, John Thull, and Matt Clark

We have developed a short guide for our most recent UMN release, 'Clarion'! This high quality white wine cultivar is hardy to USDA Zone 5. Click on the preview below to open the PDF, or at the following link: Link to Clarion fact sheet.

Image of the first page of the Clarion fact sheet