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The Minnesota grape and wine industry is expanding and contributes to over $80M in economic activity, and Minnesota grape growers have expressed a need for more introductory and continuing education for best sustainable viticultural practices. With funding and support from the North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (NCR-SARE), a collaboration between the University of Minnesota’s Extension and the Grape Breeding and Enology team in the Department of Horticultural Science has developed this free, web-based curriculum that aims to provide quality educational materials on growing cold-hardy grapes in Minnesota. Our goal is to provide a broad understanding of viticultural principles as well as practical application of that knowledge. 

11 modules specific to cold hardy production.

This curriculum is perfect for training new staff or re-viewing the basics. Pick and choose which lessons to take.

1. The Life of a Grapevine 2. Starting a New Vineyard
3. Managing Young Vines 4. In-season Canopy Management
5. Vine Nutrition, Nutrient Testing, and Fertilization 6. Weed Management
7. Insect Identification and Management 8. Disease Identification and Management
9. Wildlife Management

10. Veraison and Harvest Decisions

11. Pruning Grapevines in Cold Climates  

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