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Welcome to the Grape Breeding and Enology project website

Located at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, we conduct research in the Department of Horticultural Science and at the Horticultural Research Center. Our focus is on grapevine cultivar development which includes: wine grapes, table grape varieties, and ornamentals that survive and thrive in cold-climate conditions. We also work on understanding the mechanisms of disease and pest resistance so that we can incorporate these traits as a way to improve sustainability for Minnesota growers. In addition to breeding grapes, we develop and teach enology best practices for cold-hardy grapes.

Ask for Clarion!

By Kate Fessler, Drew Horton, John Thull, and Matt Clark

We have developed a short guide for our most recent UMN release, 'Clarion'! This high quality white wine cultivar is hardy to USDA Zone 5. Click on the preview below to open the PDF, or at the following link: Link to Clarion fact sheet.

Image of the first page of the Clarion fact sheet


February 20: Annual Grape Research Update

Mark your calendars for 10am-1pm on Tuesday, February 20th. The University of Minnesota Grape Breeding & Enology program will be hosting our annual Grape Research Update at the Dakota County Extension Office, with a hybrid option. Light refreshments will be served. Open the article to RSVP for this event!

New ways to stay in touch with the GB&E Program!

The new [email protected] email account can be used to contact the program with questions about upcoming events, or about winemaking or grape growing. We have also added a calendar to our website, under the "Resources & Events" tab above