Inter-generic Grafting

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 - 11:30am

Some Early images from a grafting ‘experiment’ with Ampelopsis as the scion wood (top part as a cultivar), and a hybrid rootstock from the UMN breeding program.

Starting to see callus formation at the graft union. We use the Ryset grafting tool which just like cutting puzzle pieces.

The graft is held together with pressure from a coated wire tie, and then held in moist perlite for about 2 weeks.

We are starting to see bud break and characteristic etiolation of the new shoots as they have not been exposed to sunlight.

On the bottom we see callus where roots will soon start to form. The next step for us is to dip the top of the plants in melted wax (covering the bud and graft union) to prevent excessive evaporation, and to stick them in a potting media for rooting in the greenhouse. We will also likely remove the wire ties to prevent girdling as the stems begin to grow radially.


We are feeling pretty optimistic, but only time will tell if these grafts are compatible.