Survey data are used to estimate the production of grapes in Minnesota each spring for the previous year’s harvest. Commercial grape growers were invited to participate in the electronic survey to capture the production, sales, and pricing of the primarily wine-grape market in Minnesota. Data were collected for all grape varieties growing in the state. The results show the distribution of grape production across the state based on 30 complete responses to the survey. These production figures, including prices, are estimates of sales to wineries, home wine makers, and transfers from joint grower-wine producer enterprises. The data presented here represent commercial grape production in 2021 and include sales figures by variety, including the range and average price per pound. This survey likely underrepresents the total production in the state, but provides a glimpse into the production trends, including a five-year (2017-2021) summary of yields. Survey data may be used by State and Federal agencies in estimating the specialty crop production data for the state.

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