February 10, 2016

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Become a Member!

For those of you looking for more resources on Viticulture and Enology, consider joining the ASEV/ES. The American Society of Viticulture and Enology helps to advance research and knowledge of enology and viticulture in the US, so by becoming a member, you will also be supporting the advancement of the wine industry. The eastern section of the ASEV encompasses all states East of the Western boundaries of Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana and the Canadian Provinces East of the Ontario – Manitoba border. By supporting the eastern section, you will help keep our presence strong within this national organization.

With your membership and participation in ASEV-ES you are promoting the future of successful wine
growing in the East as well as giving yourself the opportunity to keep up with the students and research projects they are involved in, from the east coast to the cold northwest. Your membership benefits with ASEV-ES will include:
· Reduced registration rates to the ASEV-ES annual conferences,
· All section mailings and updates (postal and E-mail)
· Eligible for elective office on the ASEV-ES Board of Directors

For more information on how to become a member, check out their website.