Drew Horton

Enology Specialist

Drew Horton Join University of Minnesota Grape Breeding and Enology Project.

 Drew Horton, has been active in the wine industry for over 25 years having started as a wine salesman, and then as a winemaker.  With a BA in Anthropology and early career experience working in kitchens, Drew brings a unique perspective at the intersection of food, culture, and of course wine.  Mr. Horton has produced vintages in Santa Barbara, California before moving to Minnesota in 2010 where he began working with cold-hardy, hybrid grapes.  In 2015, Drew moved from commercial winemaking to providing outreach as a field specialist for the Midwest Grape and Wine Industry Institute at Iowa State in Ames, Iowa.

Drew will also engage with and provide University and Extension resources to winemakers across the state.  This includes troubleshooting, planning, and evaluating winemaking processes for Minnesota’s Farm Wineries.  Drew has expertise in fermentation techniques, barrel-ageing, and blending.  Additionally, Drew intends to offer courses and workshops to appeal to the needs of wine makers, from amateur to professional. “I’m a hands-on winemaker, always looking for the best, often homemade, solution to solve winemaker issues,” Horton said.


Drew can be contacted at; email: dhorton@umn.edu    phone: 507-995-2803

Drew Horton