VitisGen2 Outputs: Links to read and share

Tuesday, January 21, 2020 - 2:45pm

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Trade Articles from VitisGen2

Grape Breeders Search for Reliable DNA Markers: Why the Pinot noir PN40024 Reference Genome is Not Enough
Wine Business Monthly, December 2019
by Tim Martinson, Qi Sun, Cheng Zou, and Lance Cadle-Davidson
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 Disease-resistant varieties are on the way: Can we ensure they last?
Wine Business Monthly, June 2019
by Michelle M. Moyer, Timothy Martinson and Lance Cadle-Davidson
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“Marker-Assisted Selection” Makes Efficient Table Grape Breeding
American Vineyard, March 2019
by Tim Martinson, Craig Ledbetter and Rachel Naegele

The Phenotyping Bottleneck: How grape breeders link desired traits to DNA markers
Wines and Vines, December 2018
by Tim Martinson and Lance Cadle-Davidson

Will Europe Embrace Hybrid Wine Grapes?
Wines and Vines, August 2018
By Tim Martinson and Bruce Reisch

Grape Breeders No Longer Flying Blind
Wines & Vines, March 2018
By Tim Martinson

The Frozen Genetics of International Wine Cultivars
Wines & Vines, December 2017
By Tim Martinson

VitisGen2 in Popular Press

Two Cornell Profs Hot on Wine Grape Hybrids Hint Europe May Be Too
Forbes, September 2018
by Thomas Pellechia

Why the World’s Most Popular Wine Grapes Are Vulnerable to a Pandemic
Mental Floss, June 2018
By Jen Pinkowski

The Quest to Grow the First Great American Wine Grape
Smithsonian Magazine, June 2018
By Kevin Begos

Program Uses Grape Breeding to Bolster Genetics
Growing Produce, November 2017
By Christina Herrick

The Hunt for Great Grape Genes
Good Fruit Grower, November 2017
Kate Preganman

Helping to Create the Next Generation of Grapes
Missouri State News, October 2017

VitisGen Project to Improve Grapes Gets Big Boost
Appellation Cornell, August 2017
By David Nutt

Can Science Save Our Favorite Wines?
Wine Enthusiast, January 2017
By Brooke Borel

VitisGen2 Research in Plain English Summaries

What is the economic value of breeding grapes that are resistant to powdery mildew?
Summary by Janet Van Zoeren

New resistance genes mapped for an important foliar insect pest of some hybrid grape cultivars
Summary by Matthew Clark and Lu Yin

A new locus associated with downy mildew resistance is found by creating a more accurate genetic linkage map
Summary by Janet Van Zoeren

Looking for durable downy mildew resistance in grapes
Summary by Janet Van Zoeren