Grape Breeding and Enology

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Welcome to the Grape Breeding and Enology project website!

Located at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, we conduct research in the Department of Horticultural Science and at the Horticultural Research Center.  Our focus is on grapevine cultivar development which includes: wine grapes, table grape varieties, and ornamentals that survive and thrive the cold-climate conditions.  We also focus on understanding the mechanisms of disease and pest resistance so that we incorporate these traits as a way to improve sustainability for Minnesota growers.  In addition to developing grapes, we focus on developing and teaching enology best practices for cold-hardy grapes.

Learn to Plant a Vineyard with First-Hand Experience

Have you been thinking about starting a vineyard or a small grape planting? The best way to learn what it takes to start a vineyard is to help out at another established vineyard. However, these opportunities do not come along every day.

Dr. Richard Smart Monday June 25 at the Arboretum


Dr. Richard Smart:

Improved Canopy Management and Trunk Disease Implications for the Midwest


You are invited to a seminar and meet & greet with Richard Smart, global leader on vineyard canopy management techniques and author of Sunlight into Wine.


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